Why do I need a Prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a cosmetic dentist who has an addition of two or three years of training in clinical restorative procedures besides the general dental degree. The expert is proficient at diagnosing and treatment. They identify the cause of oral deterioration so as to stop the progression of the disease and reduce the impact. Finally, they develop an effective treatment plan and suggest a strategy of preventing future reoccurrence of the defect.

A prosthodontist’s services involve the restoration of aesthetics, comfort, and function using artificial substitutes. The synthetic materials include a variety of restorations such as crowns, bridges, veneers, oral implants and dentures. The restorations enable prosthodontists to restore damaged teeth, correct orofacial issues, and use dental implants to anchor crowns as well as enhance the patient’s esthetics (facial and dental). There is a great source of information available on the Prosthodontic Associates website.

Here are some of the prosthodontics services

Restoring damaged teeth
Teeth may be damaged as a result of several factors. These factors include exposure of teeth to acid, dental caries, reduction of saliva flow, trauma, failing restorations and teeth grinding. The severity of each condition varies and may range from minor intrusion to comprehensive treatment.

Oral implants
Dental implants are one of the outstanding advancement in modern dentistry. They are directly related to the services offered by a prosthodontist. Dental implants offer an alternative to traditional teeth replacement options, and they offer several benefits. The technology has risen to become a state of the art treatment for patients who are either missing some or all their teeth.

Replacing missing teeth
A variety of options can be used to replace missing teeth. The choice will depend on the needs of a particular patient. A patient may be viable for a removable partial denture, fixed bridge, complete dentures, dental implants or a combination of several treatment options. Prosthodontists are highly trained professionals who are well versed with all these treatment options. Thus, they will advise you on the best choice depending on your condition. They also work hand in hand with dental technicians to ensure that the prosthesis is custom-made to guarantee comfort and beauty to the patients.

Cosmetic dentistry and Aesthetics
A big part of a prosthodontist’s work is associated with cosmetics. Regardless of the extent of rehabilitation required, the artificial component must blend with the next oral environment. Prosthodontists ensure that their patients have an attractive and healthy appearance.

Complex cases
The training that prosthodontists go through is in-depth. They study the relationship between jaws and teeth that are essential for a proper bite. Therefore, they can work alongside other dental specialists to treat congenital disabilities such as cleft palate. They can also handle traumatic injuries, complex restorations, and conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorders. Therefore, you can trust a prosthodontist to handle most of the dental restorative procedures.

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