Which Is Better – Buying Used Restaurant Equipment Or New Ones?

Starting a restaurant is a huge deal. There are so many things to take care of and a lot of investment is needed initially. However, a restaurant can also be an extremely profitable business these days.

While starting a restaurant, one of the primary investments that one has to make is buying kitchen equipment. The kitchen equipment that is bought has to be of good quality and everything that will essentially be needed by the chef has to be in the kitchen in order for him to make good and tasty food efficiently.

There is a lot of equipment that a restaurant has to have. It can be something small like pans to something large like ice coolers and ovens. In order to work, a restaurant should have different dishes in its menu and for this reason; it needs different types and kinds of equipments.

To save up on these equipments, you can buy used kitchen equipment. This is advantageous because restaurants have a high failure rate and it is easy to acquire quality equipment in good working conditions for a much lower rate. Also, the value of a kitchen item changes like cars. It immediately loses its monetary value once it is purchased and used, even if it was only used for a very short period. This way, new store owners can get good equipment at extremely low rates.

Buying costly equipment like ovens, refrigerators, etc from a second hand dealer can help you stay within your budget. Also, the prices can be negotiated and you can walk out of the store with a really good deal. Commercial restaurant supply equipment auctions are held from time to time which can introduce you to a wide range of equipment.

Buying used equipment now seems like a good idea, but it has its own disadvantages. Like every other used item, these equipments do not come with a warranty. There is no guarantee that it will work properly for the years to come. Also, brand new equipments typically tend to last longer than used items.

When you buy used equipment, sometimes you’re actually paying half the amount for something that has already lived the major part of its lifespan. No matter what the owner says, there is a very high chance that something can go wrong with the new piece of equipment. Repairing or replacing the equipment can actually cost you more than buying it new.

Also, new models and new products come into the market all the time and it is always better to buy the latest version of the product. This will definitely increase your profits in the long term because a higher end model will work more efficiently. Moreover, sites like Nella Cutlery have some of the finest kitchen equipment for sale at extremely nominal prices. 

If you’re thinking about staying in business for a long time and have enough cash to buy new equipment, then brand new items are the way to go. This will also make your kitchen look new and neat, making the chef and the employees very happy.

However, if there is a strict budget to be followed, then buying used equipment is the better option. Some things like gas ranges, which are super expensive, are actually better bought used. The only thing to ensure is that the equipment is not too old or rusty and if it is working properly.


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