Top 8 Reasons Why Goat Milk Is Better Than Cow Milk

Dairy products have always been an integral part of the human civilization. Ever since we learned how to rear animals and domesticate them for their various qualities, it has been the norm to eat their produce and benefit from the umpteen number of qualities imbibed in said edibles. The primary source of all dairy products is milk; milk that we obtain from animals having mammary glands or milch animals. A number of creatures as cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, camel, donkey, horse and yaks are known to produce milk.

Being not-so-complex dairy merchandise, not many people would expect it to be at the center of any substantial discussion. But this is where your imagination would do well to widen its horizons. So much has been said about milk in so any different contexts that it is veritably impossible to surmise. Debasish Mridha said, “Everything tastes better with milk”. At the same time, other Indians have comprehended wisely that all that is white is not milk. Other intellectuals elsewhere have also quoted it with regards to its various nutritious qualities and growth stimulating abilities.

But the question which has persisted over time is what kind of milk must we consume? Which animal has the best of the best to offer? Is it the horse or the camel? The yaks or the moose? Well, for all discussions and debates, it has ultimately come down to the two simple members of the milk producing fraternity, that is, the goat and the cow. Now, many would argue that cow milk is better than goat milk and with good reason. For many years, cows have been the face of the community of milk producing beasts. Be it tetra packs of pasteurized milk or fancy yogurt cartons; it is the innocent caricature of a cow that adorns the packaging (even though goat milk yogurt is consumed as widely, to say the least). But with all the surrounding fanfare, is cow really the so-called mascot of the dairy world? There have been reports that claim goat milk to be better than cow milk. And with good reason, let’s see why:

  • Goat milk is most similar in configuration and formulation to human milk. It has smaller fat molecules which assist digestion. As per a recent study, infants who are medically averse to cow milk have been found to have an affinity for goat milk. As many as 93% of babies in this study took an immediate liking to goat milk.
  • It is also highly suitable and recommended for those who suffer from the anomaly of lactose intolerance. Goat milk is low in lactose content and so does not have adverse effects on those averse to lactic influence.
  • Goat milk is also high in the quantity of Vitamins A, K, E and B6 which boosts its desirability for the masses who want maximum nutrition.
  • Due to the relative absence of long chain fatty acids (as goat milk has primarily got medium chain fatty acids, digestion becomes so much easier. It is also helpful to those who have bowel inflammation and does not cause gas as opposed to cow milk which does. It is also easier on the digestive tract due to a similarity in its structure with the human milk which our body is accustomed to. It is also less toxic than cow milk as cows are almost always treated with growth hormones and goats are usually not.
  • Goat milk, contrary to popular belief is as rich in calcium as cow milk and thereby, destroys the false notion that only cow milk is good for skeletal growth.
  • In Naturopathic treatment, goat is referred to as bioorganic sodium faunae. It is also linked with stamina, elasticity, and liveliness. It has almost thirty-five percent of your daily needs for calcium in as small a quantity as one cup. Being quite high in riboflavin, just a unitary glass of goat’s milk helps meet twenty percent of our daily needs. Goat milk has conventionally been utilized in pharmaceutical philosophies to nurture and reinforce an over-taxed nervous coordination network. Goat’s milk is also tremendously nutrient condensed.
  • Due to the presence of the trace amount of the mineral, Selenium, goat milk can help you to effectively reinforce your immune system and prevent against diseases easily.
  • Many folks say that goat milk has a slightly better and sweeter taste as compared to cow milk which makes it easier to get children to finish off their glasses without much hassle.

With all this to go on and the healthy habit of having a glass of milk from brand names such as Kabrita every day to drive evil thoughts and diseases away, it is safe to say that with a decent quart of goat milk, you are all set to live well and live long.

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