Having Confusion Over Pumps? Know Which Pump to be Used and When

A pump is a device which makes a fluid move by mechanical action. Pumps operate by consuming energy, like electricity, wind power, engines or by manual operation.  Pumps serve in handling a wide range of applications such as pumping water, pumping oil, natural gasses, fuel injection, cooling towers, and watercooling.

Based on their various usages, the pumps can be categorized variously. When you are buying a pump, you should know the services that the particular pump provides. Here is a guide for you about various types of pump and their uses.

There are mainly three basic categories of pumps: direct lift, gravity pumps, and displacement. Within these three categories, there is a wide variety of different types of pump.

Before knowing the uses you should know the strategy of pump packing when you are buying a pump and need to move it from one place to another which needs special skill and procedure.

Otherwise, your pump can get damaged.

 First of all be sure that the packing is not oversized which can actually burn out packing. Similarly, it should not be undersized which will cause leak excessively.

Always tighten your packing slowly as too much tightening can create overheating. Never roll or hammer your packing. Be careful when you are moving the packing from the dock to the vehicle or vice-versa.

Allis Chalmer Pumps, now known as Flygt A-C pump has years of experience in designing and producing high-quality Centrifugal pumps and pumping system.

Goulds 3196 immediately became the standard for the industry as soon as it was launched in the market. They are known for their remarkable performance. Users in Chemical, food & beverage, photochemical do really have no better option than this.

They are known for their long-term performance. They are designed for the favorable sealed environment.  The design is able to handle tough services. Their impeller can be adjusted simply and quickly. They are designed for extended pump line. They prevent premature bearing failure.

The Warman pump is another name of trust in this. Warman is known and credited for creating efficient and reliable high performing slurry pumps. Warman has a collection of centrifugal slurry pumps which are basically used in mining, chemical, and other industrial applications. They are designed for ultra heavy duty applications.

 There are several designs of Warman pump, like Axial Flow Pump which are designed for continuous circulation of fluids containing solids.

Horizontal Slurry pump which is known for better exceptional performance, Horizontal Dewatering pumps which are used in mines for dewatering. There is also Vertical Slurry pumps, Submersible Slurry pumps.

Galigher pumps possess special features which assure dependable performance and easy maintenance. Its impeller is of semi-open design. They are locked to the shaft and create a seal around the shaft. Their elastomer is easily replaceable and with extra thickness. They are used as equipment fordesanders, desilters, mud cleaning and other overweight materials.

Durco pumps are generally used as chemical process pumps. They provide outstanding unrivaled reliability and hydraulic performance. They are available at low total cost. They are known for renewable, high performance, optimal and predicable mechanically, dynamically sealed, sealless chamber. Therefore, they provide great flexibility. They incorporate many advanced features.

Now, it is upto you which pump you need for what performance. I’m sure you’ll get what you seek at reasonable rates. If you are still in confusion, it will be better for you to consult with professional companies which can help you with all information.

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