7 Critical Questions to Ask a Calibration Service Before Hiring

The calibration done on your sensitive equipment will only be as good as the calibration service you select. Take notes as to what the important elements are so that nothing will be forgotten when you speak to a technician. Below are seven important question you should ask before making the final hiring decision.

1 - Are you experienced in calibrating my industry-specific equipment?

You need to fully understand the parameters needing to be tested for the specific tasks of your equipment in order to pass this along to the potential provider of calibration service. Each type of equipment works in different ways and can be used for a variety of measurements.

2 - How long will calibration take?

Planning for downtime in repairs and calibration are essential to the management of projects and personnel. Ask how long the entire process will take, especially if the items have to sent to the lab. Find out a time estimate if adjustments and repairs are needed.

3 - How much equipment can you handle?

You need to know upfront of the service can handle calibrating all that you have, or will you need to schedule different calibration times for a few items. You do not want to find out after the deadline passes that the work is not completely done.

4 - Is your lab accredited?

Accreditation is what gives your calibration validity. You need to know that everyone involved in the process is highly trained and skilled to perform calibrations to set standards.

5 - Are calibrations traceable?

All calibrations need to be done to set industry-wide standards in all phases. This is especially true of industries that fall under heavy regulation. Traceability is an all-important feature for many industries.

6 - Are the calibrations digitally stored?

Having access to the complete calibration records for equipment is a necessary part of undergoing audits, by company officials or governmental agencies. You need to be able to access records for the length of time the equipment has been owned and used at your location.

7 - Is the calibration report detailed?

Not much can be more frustrating than needed a particular piece of information about the calibration of the equipment and finding that the report given is basic essential information only. You will then be stuck trying to answer questions without any true answers. Check out a sample report from their service before hiring.

Take your time in selecting the service you use for calibration. You need one that is dependable, accurate and has the ability to handle all of the equipment you need to be checked.

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